Art Direction and choreography (2009)



Inside the chic nude temple, female dancers, warriors of beauty, play for high stakes on high heels. Philippe Decouflé may well respect the codes of the Crazy Horse style erotic cabaret, but it doesn't mean he's not going to modernize some of it. In the spirit of Alwin Nikolais, bodies appear and disappear in the light, in geometric shapes, and without the traditional Crazy Horse wigs! These plastic silhouettes with never-ending legs know the score perfectly ? the final note will be a “full dressing down,” but tastefully so, and in the stars.




Premiered in 2009 for the Crazy Horse, Paris.


The visionary artist appears to have fully understood the story behind the Crazy Horse Saloon, the chic temple of the female nude originally founded by Alain Bernardin. (...) Stock Exchange prices are projected onto an unruly secretary, a full-length mirror reflects legs, hands and mouths to infinity, just a string of pearls to conceal all or nothing; here, everything makes sense.
Les Inrocks, september 2009

The seven tableaux, while managing to meet the criteria of efficiency and erotic suggestion that we have come to expect from the choreographer, are nothing but pure 'decouflesquerie'. The poetry of one tableau segues seamlessly into the craziness of the next.
Marianne, september 2009

A secretary dressed strictly in a straight skirt and shirt sends knocks her telephone and paperwork flying off her desk. She then immediately launches into a cunningly crafted strip-tease number, in which her sensual curves eventually marry with the fluctuating contours of Stock Exchange prices projected onto her body. The essence of Decouflé's choreographic art lies in the subtle irony combining the timeless female nude as the hallmark of the Crazy Horse Saloon and high-tech video projections.
Les Echos, september 2009

Decouflé seems to have taken a shine to the seduction and horse-play that depict the dancers at the Crazy Horse Saloon as women, performers and objects of desire.
Le Figaro, september2009