Musical (2016)



The science fiction manga My Name is Shingo (1982) by Kazuo Umezu, famous horror mangaka, inspired Philippe Decouflé a new musical.

Two schoolchild, a girl named Marin and a little boy named Satoru fall in love and give life to Shingo, a robot who become their child. 
As Shingo consciousness awakens, Shingo tell his journey to find his parents that he never met before and who have been separated too.    
My Name is Shingo explores metaphysical questions on religion and consciousness.

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Staging and choreography : Philippe Decouflé
Artistic direction : Eric Martin
Scriptwriter : Kenichi Tani
Composers : Shugo Tokumaru and Umitaro Abe
Video Designers : Olivier Simola and Laurent Radanovic
Light Designer : Tomomi Ohira
With Mitsuki Takahata (Marin), Mugi Kadowaki (Satoru), Songha (Shingo), Sakurako Ohara (Shizuka), Yuta Koseki (Robin)
And the Open Reel Ensemble band


Production Horipro