Raphael Cruz
Raphael Cruz


Raphael Cruz

Our friend Raphael Cruz passed away on January 24 2018.
He was an immense artist and we miss his presence and his talent.
The show Nouvelles Pièces Courtes is 
dedicated to him.
Raphael Cruz, a native of San Francisco, began his journey into the circus arts at the age of six. Specializing in traditional Chinese acrobatics. He studied with the Founder of the Nanjing acrobatic troupe, Master Trainer Lu Yi. At the age of fifteen, having years of performing under his belt, he decided to further his training at the National Circus School of Montreal. Among many of the disciplines he learned, he specialized in Hand to Hand and graduated with a performance with his older brother. After graduating Raphael became an original member and artistic collaborator of The 7 Fingers production "Traces". Raphael also studied music extensively and plays several instruments, which helped him land the role "Buster" in Cirque du Soleil's production of Iris (2012). Rapahel was also Assistant Choreographer for the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics (2014) ans then Associate Acrobatic Designer for Cirque du Soleil's Broadway production "Paramour" (2016). 
It was during the collaboration on Iris that Raphael met Philippe Decouflé who cast him for Wiebo and Courtepointe.