Pierre Le Bourgeois

Pierre was successively trained at the Ecole Nationale de Musique in Beauvais, where he learned to play cello with Jacques Bernaert and Olivier de Mones and then with Jazz à Jazz in Tours. He now follows a career as cellist, double bass player and arranger. He plays with the group Les Enfants des autres, Néry, Bertrand Belin, Daniel Darc, Benabar, Jad Wio, Alain Bashung, Kafka, and has tried his hand at producing on Didier Super’s albums (Vaut mieux en rire que s’en foutre 2) and Manu Larrouy (Mec à la coule).
Since 2002 he has been working with Nosfell as arranger, composer and musician and since produced three albums and the show Le Lac aux Vélies.
In 2015 he is the musical director of the show Wiebo, a tribute to David Bowie commanded by the Philharmonie de Paris.
In 2016 he creates, with Peter Corser, the music of Courtepointe and wrotes part of the compositions of Nouvelles Pièces Courtes.