Christine Bombal

Christine Bombal has been a performer since 1989. She works with Phillipe Découflé/DCA, Olivia Grandville and Daniel Larrieu. In 2001, she took part in the production entitled Moebius Strip by Gilles Jobin, then in Under Construction and became his assistant in 2003 for the 2003 production commissioned by the Grand Théâtre de Genève ballet company. She joined the Laure Bonicel/moleskine company in 2004 for the production of No.11 Le bleu est à la mode (‘Blue is fashion’) this year. She went on to assist Laure Bonicel on the filming of the video Sleeping Bag and during periods of opening the piece No.11 Le bleu.. to interpretation by amateurs. Continuing her career as a performer, she collaborated with Fanny de chaillé on the 2005 production of Tatata and Gonzo Conference in 2007 and ‘Nos illusions perdues’ (‘Our lost illusions’) (2008). She then assisted Fanny de chaillé on the project, Amérique, staged at the Domaine de Chamarande in 2006. At the same time, she worked with the educational department at the CNDC Angers on developing and directing artistic projects in the school environment.